Delivery & Returns



Due to the nature of the product once orders have been placed and delivered they cannot be cancelled or returned. Please contact our sales staff for further details if required.


Please note billing and delivery address will be regarded as the same unless otherwise stated.


The buyer is responsible for providing safe and suitable storage AND FOR ENSURING THAT IT WILL TAKE THE FULL QUANTITY ORDERED. The buyer will also indemify the Seller against any claims, damages, expenses or costs which may arise as a result of the Buyer not observing these conditions.


The Seller's measurements of quantity will be accepted by the Buyer. The Seller cannot accept responsibility for discrepancies in the Buyer's tanks, dip rods or other measuring device.


Products supplied are chargeable at the price ruling on the day of delivery irrespective of when the order was placed.


If the Buyer's container does not hold the supply ordered by the Buyer or his Agent the Seller does not accept liability for loss or damage casued by an over-flow of product.


Gas Oil and Kerosene are not for road use.